Linux ppp connection to NT server.

Linux ppp connection to NT server.

Post by Corey Huinke » Tue, 16 Apr 1996 04:00:00

This is more of a chat script question:

I have ppp running at home to my ISP, no problem there.
My workplace has an NT based PPP server which is accepting
Windows-based ppp connections.  No problem there either.

I tried to set up a connection from home to to the NT ppp server.
The modems connect, the server sends the "CONNECT" message, but
never gave anything else after that.  I'm not sure when to send
userid and password information, and I don't know what sort of
messages to expect in response.

I tried using minicom, and still got the connect message.  I then just
typed in the userid and password, no luck.

Separating the uid and password with a space instead of a carriage return
didn't work either.  Several other combinations did nothing as well.

I did not try typing "Open Sesame".

Any suggestions?


Beaverton, OR                        503-520-5403


1. Linux PPP connection on Win NT 4.0 RAS Server with callback problems

Hi group,

Im sure this is a question asked a hundret times, but you can be sure
I wouldnt ask this if I had found a solution. :)

The problem is that I want to connect to a Windows NT 4.0 Workstation
RAS Server with MS-CHAP 80 authentification and callback feature from
SUSE Linux 5.1 ...

There is a nice How-To by Siegfried Schoen, but trying to use it I am
facing several problems...

First of all, I cant compile that LibDes crypto library which is
assumed to be needed. I have to turn off compiler optimization and to
modify my sgtty.h include file, else it wont compile at all. After
modifying that sgtty.h (which is AFAIK suppost to gain BSD
compatibility) I can compile the library, but the read_pw()-function
wont work. Hoping that one function wont be needed for MS-CHAP 80 I
ignored the error and tried to continue.

According to the how-to, next step is to run two patches on the PPPD
source code, called the MS-CHAP 80 patch from a file called
readme.mschap80 and the CPCB patch for using user-defined callback
within the PPPD.

The problem is that the patches from these readme files are intended
for PPPD 2.2.0d, whereas SUSE Linux ships with 2.2.0f and I only was
able to get 2.2.0e... now that patches cannot be applied by the PATCH
utility, and Im not a such experienced linux programmer that I want
to do it manually because I think I could destroy something or mess it
all up... :-(

My question would be whether anyone of you who solved the same problem
yet could send me a ready-to-compile source of PPPD for SUSE Linux 5.1
with ms-chap80, cpcb (callback) and perhaps even admin defined
callback number (see ppp/nt howto) enabled ? I really would appreciate
that! :-)

 Regards, Dietmar

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