Eth0 timed out/ portfw/masq/quake

Eth0 timed out/ portfw/masq/quake

Post by inonothin » Sat, 24 Jun 2000 04:00:00

I am running a linux quakeII server behind a linux
masquerading/firewall connected to an ADSL. I am forwarding port
27910 for quake through the firewall to the quake server. The
quake players all get a disconnection notice at the same time,
after about 5 minutes  of play. The masq/firewall sever is not
down because I can still surf the net from on other network
stations behind the firewall. The quake server reports no error
messages at the the time of the disconnect notice, but does
report a time out error about 5 minute after the disonnect
notice. I guess the server NIC waits for replies for a while
until it times out. I upgraded my pppoe software to the latest
version but that did not help. Redhat 6.1 on all servers using
that ????????penguin pppoe software for my ADSL connection. I
checked my network connection and I do have one problem, the
servers do not recognize each other until I manually ping them
from the masq/firewall server, so I know I am missing a
component of networking.

Any suggestions on why the players keep getting the disconnect
notice after a few minutes of play? Other than this glitch
everything else seems to wotk Grrrrrrrreat.


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