TW Cable Changes?

TW Cable Changes?

Post by Kool Bree » Wed, 17 Nov 1999 04:00:00

Hi all. I have been doing TWC for a while. Using the most recent 2.2
kernels (RH 6.x). I havent changed anything, dhcpcd no longer works
form me. I was doing a dhcpcd lookup fine for months and now it just
doesnt work (timesout).

I switched to win98 and the RoadRunner Manager had a new dialog
YOu no longer have to log into roadrunner using roadrunner manager.
It seems that SOMETHING has changed. I am now using the /sbin/pump
which works great at first, but then it starts acting screwy. When I
ping to a specific host on the internet, ping gives a strange msg
after seeming quite constipated:

Invalid Packet at byte offset #8 should have been 0x3f and is 0x41...

Anyone heard of this? Could this be due to difference between pumps
lese expiration and that actual expiration?



TW Cable Changes?

Post by Jerry Whit » Wed, 17 Nov 1999 04:00:00

I just got RR about three weeks ago in the Houston area. The installation
technician told me that, here at least, the RR Manager is simply for
maintaining the account (adding mail users, etc). In fact, the RR Manager is
currently installed on only one machine. I have another Windows box that
does have the RR Manager installed and the only change required was to let
the server assign the IP and DNSs.

The only change required for my Linux box was to install dhcpcd.

My understanding from other posts is that TWC IS changing their login to not
require RR Manager. These posts indicated that TWC is changing this by area.
Maybe your area has just changed.

Good Luck.


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