100MBit Network card & dmfe driver

100MBit Network card & dmfe driver

Post by Christian Wiese Tel. 0511-48487 » Sat, 28 Oct 2000 23:39:57

I use  SuSE LinuX 6.4 with Kernel 2.2.14
yesturday I get a new Network-card.
On the driver disk I fond an linux driver (dmfe.c) version 1.27 from
I compiled it as an module, put this in /et/modules.conf behind eth0
and start init 1 init 2, but I get an error Message.
SIOCSIFFLAGS Resorce temporary unavaiable
I get the same message if I use the driver version 1.28 from 01/18/200,
included in the soucesn of the SuSDE Kernel.
What ist wrong?

please help me.



1. Kernel 2.4 driver for 3MVF 100MBit optical networking card ?


I ran into serious troubles: at our university they installed an
optical network. We got a network card from 3M (Volition VF-45).
On the CD that was delivered with the card there is even a linux-
driver (module 3mvf.o), but only for linux 2.0.36 and 2.2.5/2.2.1/2.2.10.
There is no driver for kernel 2.4 on the 3M webpage
(http://www.3m.com/volition/downloads/nic/linux.jhtml), too.

Is there an open-source driver available ? I desperately need
one for linux > 2.4.1 or my linux box will soon be without network



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