Newbie Installing Ethernet card after inital install

Newbie Installing Ethernet card after inital install

Post by mark » Tue, 24 Mar 1998 04:00:00

I installed redhat v5.0 but during the installation it would not detect
eth0. The ethernet card is a cheap ne2000 pci card irq=11 io=6200(auto
assigned through the bios). I could change these settings but I'm not
sure what to expect if I did, would probe auto find it?  How do I
install the network card without having to reinstall redhat. I figured
theire must be a way.

Thank in advance


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I'm a very new to Linux having just installed Redmond Linux with 2.4*
kernel. The install went uneventfully, I suppose, because I took out all the
peripherals beforehand.

I want to start adding my cards step by step. How do I accomplish this? It
doesn't seem like there's a Linux equivalent of PnP. I installed a generic
56k modem (Moto chip) and restarted the machine but didn't see any messages
that showed Linux recognizing the new hardware.

The next thing I want to do is install an ATI all-in-wonder 8MB card to get
TV-tuner capability. Any ideas on whether this is supported? I've seen
pointers to SourceForge and went to the site but don't know what to look

Thanks for helping me out.


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