Telnet and rlogin problems

Telnet and rlogin problems

Post by andreas paulsso » Sun, 27 Dec 1998 04:00:00

I have 2 Linux computers connected via ethernet cards. The network does
work properly, I know that since there is no problems when trying to
access the webserver on the other computer.
But, when trying to Telnet the other computer I never get any respons.
The server times out or something. Very annoying. When Telneting a
server on the Internet or whatever I always expect a login prompt and so
I did this time too but it never showed up.
The rlogin does almost the same... which means it give no reply at all.
What is wrong?

    / andreas


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when I rlogin or telnet from my linux box to an hpux workstation (HPUX
10.20) I can't get the correct character set on the hpux box. On the
console, characters with accents cannot be displayed. In any Xwindow
editor, the '#' character is transformed to a ", and character with
accents are not correctly displayed. I have tried on another linux box
with SuSE 6.1, and It is the same problem, but with different characters
So, my question is : is this "normal" when you telnet / rlogin to a non
linux machine? and how to overcome this problem?

Another problem : when I telnet / rlogin to any machine (linux or non
linux), is that my network hangs after a period of time. On the other
side, I haven't got any problem
with the network in normal conditions (i.e. without telnet / rlogin to a
distant machine). Any ideas?

Thanks for any answer,

R. Baudin

My linux box :
HP Kayak XU with Linux Redhat 6.0 and Kernel 2.2.12
Ethernet card compatible with an AMD Pcnet32

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