NFS mount "/" via SLIP/PPP? "diskless" station w/floppy

NFS mount "/" via SLIP/PPP? "diskless" station w/floppy

Post by Kevin Burt » Sat, 24 Dec 1994 04:31:15

I know this has been discussed, but I didn't think I'd ever have a use
for it... (live and learn)

I just got a 386SX16 (I know...) totally bare for $25(!), slapped in
a floppy and some RAM, and it runs Linux fine... (it will even boot
0.97 in 1M!!) The reason I bought it is to teach myself networking.
(with my 486DX50)

I would like to set up the machine to boot linux from the floppy and
mount root from my big Linux box via NFS over a SLIP line. Has anyone
successfully done this? I have been able to create a boot/root disk,
not the CRAMDISK version so it doesn't have much, but at least I can
boot it without swapping floppies. How can I change my root once
booted? (using at least 1.0.9)

RARP, according to the Network Administrators' Guide, works by
requesting the IP address to corrospond with it's Ethernet address...
Obviousely SLIP/PPP doesn't have an Ethernet address, so how can I do
this? Is there a way to compile the IP address into the Kernel and
force it to mount root via NFS without having a filesystem on the
floppy? (ideal)

I thought there was a HOWTO on this, but I haven't been able to find
it, so apparently it was only a discussion. (it was some time ago...)
Any pointers are _greatly_appreciated!_

Thank you very much!
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