volatile loopback interface

volatile loopback interface

Post by Aaro » Wed, 08 Sep 1999 04:00:00

I'm still under exposed to the workings of ifconfig.  pls let me know if
there's something amiss :

I'm writing some socket game & wanna test using loopback but
found each time I booted up the lo interface is missing.  I've to
manually add it in everytime.  How can I set the lo interface permanent
instead of volatile?



1. SIOCGIFFLAGS fails loopback interface

When I call ioctl() with SIOCGIFFLAGS for interface "lo" (loopback) it

strerror() says: No such device

The same code works for normal intefaces (ethX). Any ideas why this is so?

The reason I need this is to test whether the interface is multicast-capable

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