Graphical TCP/IP traffic monitoring tool ?

Graphical TCP/IP traffic monitoring tool ?

Post by Peter Choynows » Wed, 09 Aug 1995 04:00:00

I am looking  for a Linux based network monitoring  tools. Does anyone
know of  a graphical  front end  to tcpdump or  another tool  that can
display Ethernet traffic ( for example TCP, IP, UDP, IPX, and others )
using X11.



1. TCP/IP disable - monitoring Internet traffic

How can I disable TCP/IP Internet connectivity selectively? What I have in
mind is something like a shell program, let's call it notcpip.exe for want
of a better name, which will disable all internet communications to a
program when invoked. The syntax should be something like:

notcpip -options myprogram.exe -program_options,

with -options some command line options to the notcpip program (e.g. whether
to monitor internet traffice, ask before allowing traffic etc.)
and -program_options would be the normal command line options associated
with the program myprogram.exe (which could be any valid program). The
notcpip program should intercept (with the option to disable) all internet
traffic which can go to myprogram.exe.
It would be nice if one could e.g. enable Internet support for myprogram.exe
via the command line again and could monitor a program for all Internet
communications. Ideally I would like to mark all programs (that I know of)
with some identification, so I can keep track of any possibly irregular
communications via TCP/IP. Do you perhaps know of a command or program which
can provide one with a detailed audit of Internet communications?

Thanks in advance for your help.
Best regards,

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