Please, please help me with PPP

Please, please help me with PPP

Post by Broc Stirto » Thu, 15 May 1997 04:00:00

It seems my ppp problems have returned:

I recently reconfigured my system to include an ethernet card.  The
route to the network via the card is NOT the default route (I mention
this because its what I originally suspected), however now when trying
to connected via dial-up ppp to my ISP, the connection times out without
ever adding the default route via ppp0.  Dip connects fine, then fires
up pppd with the appropriate options, but after a minute or so, I am
disconnected.  I initially exchanged the newly compiled pppd binary with
the old one (same size, same permissions)- that worked for about one
day, then back to the same problem.  /var/log/syslog has the following
line at disconnect:

[time/date/etc.]...pppd[104]: LCP: timeout sending Config-Requests

I tried adding the lcp-max-configure option to pppd, but it only takes
longer to hang up.  I tried to skip LCP negotiation altogether with the
-all option, but that hangs up immediately.  Does any one have any ideas
on this one?  I am getting desperate (even considering backing up
important files and reinstalling (it worked with the original Slackware
installation just fine)).  I have tried 4 different kernels and 3
compilations of pppd- to no avail.  It must be a problem with some
config option, but where?  I have tried undoing all ethernet card
initialization, but it still doesn't help.  Windows 95 still connects
fine- no changes by the ISP.  Please help!
        Thank you in advance,


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Just setting up FreeBSD 4, and I notice a number of differences in the
sendmail config system.  All good, I hope.

Anyway - My problem is a fairly simple one.  I cannot forward mail to my
internal machines.


/etc/mail/ contains

Mail is recieved by the server, but mailq gives me:

                                (Deferred: Name server:
host name lookup failed)

The DNS is set up okay as far as I can see...

Should the last full stop be there in the deferred message?  If not, where
will it be getting it from?



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