ipx connection to netware & DOS on linux

ipx connection to netware & DOS on linux

Post by Ken Hs » Wed, 09 Feb 2000 04:00:00

Has anyone tried connecting to a Netware server & run a dos program?

I am trying to connect to the Netware server and run a dos program located
on the netware server.

Also, Dos emulation doesn't seem to be able to access any linux directories?


1. IPX over PPP connections for Linux & netware client

I would (eventually) like to dial into my office over a PPP connection and
access my Netware 3.12 server.  There are 100's of us interested in doing
this.  I have a couple of weeks of vacation coming up and I would like to
get up to date on the status and see if I might contribute to this development
in any way.  Who is working on this and how do I contact them?

William L. Baker

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