IP Masquerading Module Spec

IP Masquerading Module Spec

Post by Doug Jone » Tue, 02 Nov 1999 04:00:00

I want to write an IP Masquerading module.

Is there a spec for these things, or must I just reverse engineer one of the
existing ones.



1. Minimum PC spec for IP masquerading???

How fast of a PC would I need to do IP masquerading for 4 other PCs on my
internal network, out through my cable modem? Would a 386 with 2 ISA
NE2000 cards be enough? Essentially, it'll just be picking up packets off
1 network card, and dropping them on to the other. This doesn't seem to be
something that would require a P2, but I don't want to lose any
performance by having to wait on the gateway box.

Any opinions are appreciated.



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