Hardware recommendation for small LAN

Hardware recommendation for small LAN

Post by Sudhir Kum » Thu, 04 Jul 1996 04:00:00

We need to set up a small network consisting of around 10 linux machines.
One machine is going to be used as a router to connect to the outside world.
Rest of the machines are used mainly for development, but sometimes
they are bound to be used for web browsing.

Does any of you have any recommendations for ethernet cards/configurations?
If you have any experience with similar set up, any tips from your

I appreciate your input.


-- sudhir


1. off the shelf small/simple hardware for lan, usb, compact flash?

i'm looking for the following piece of off the shelf hardware:

* 486 or pentium (does not have to be fast)
* 1-eth port
* 2-usb ports
* maybe 16 mb mem
* compact flash (for boot)
* power supply (eg, no soldering required)

it does not need video out, keyboard, ide, or a serial interface on it.
i do not want it to have any moving parts (eg, no disk, no fan).
i just want to plug it into the wall and lan, and have it
automatically boot and do its thing using the midori linux
image i put on the compact flash card.

i've seen previous postings that recommend sites like mini-itx.com
for things like this but they appear to be either oem oriented
or else only sell sbcs that require you coming up with additional
things (like a power supply).

this is for a little usb web cam thing that i use to watch
my dog in the daytime (running on midori linux).
it is currently running in a more serious box than is
required for this app and i'd like to have 2 or 3 of these.
the key thing is that i just want to buy it, make the flash
image for it, boot it, and have it go rather than have to do
any hardware research and soldering.

any suggestions?


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