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I would like to have my PC connected to Linux box running SAMBA using
MSCLIENT. However I want to be able to use packet drivers. Is it possible?
Thanks, Leonid Entov.

1. Using MSClient to network to a Linux machine

I'm trying to set up MSClient for DOS Version 3.11 on some PCs here to
talk to a Linux machine.  The Linux machine is not now connected to the
Internet, but will be coming up as a UUCP connection to begin with and
later with a PPP connection.  The PCs are running NE2000 cards for the
most part.

I'm having trouble getting past the Initializing TCP/IP via DHCP message.
I know I need to coordinate the files between the PC and the Linux
machine, but I'm not sure what to put in the fields.

I need to have the network running by Wednesday afternoon, so even a
pointer to a FAQ here would be helpful.

I'm not currently recieving comp.os.linux.networking, so replies from
there need to be emailed to me.

Thanks for any help!!
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