Dual Connections on 28.8 modems

Dual Connections on 28.8 modems

Post by Bob Loude » Sat, 07 Sep 1996 04:00:00

I have a regular dedicated 28.8 dialup connection whereby I have
been subnetted a 16 number account.  Now I have the ability to
connect to a second 28.8 dialup connection but it is onto another
server with a totally different class C account.  What do I need
to do in order to effectively use both lines whereby the
communications will be routed down whatever pipe with the least
activity.  Is this possible?  Thanks in advance?


1. Help: Slow ppp connection with USR Robitics Courier Dual Standard 28.8

Correction to the message above, its a Courier Dual Standard
instead of a USR Sport

If anyone has connect with the internet using pppd and
some kind of modem program, etc. chat, minicom, ..., please
send me your current modem settings.

I can get a IP # but all my transfers are slow.  I think
this might be because my modem is not setup properly.  I
you have any other ideas, please let me know.


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