DNS setting & Network Design

DNS setting & Network Design

Post by sunray.. » Sun, 19 Jun 2005 16:21:49

Dear All,

I have register my own DNS in Directnic.
IP   :
Host : ns1.sample.com

Here is my Setting
1.) I set up firewall
    IP NAT (Port 53)  =>
    IP NAT (Port 110) =>
2.) I set up one Linux Bind in one PC (host name:ns1.sample.com, ip

In BIND record
NS1    A
MX     5   mail.sample.com
mail   A

Am I right? can i resolve the ns1.sample.com??


DNS setting & Network Design

Post by K-sPecia » Tue, 21 Jun 2005 13:09:15

looks right, why don't you try yourself? here are some cgi tools I

one includes a hostname resolving tool



1. DNS, firewall/network design question

I'm at an impasse, and I could use some help. I'm not sure if this is the
proper place to post this question, so if there's a more appropriate place,
please let me know.

I'm trying to set up a server that provides web and mail services for
multiple domains. This server sits in a colo facility at my ISP. The box I'm
using is running FreeBSD 4.7, and Apache 1.3.27. I don't seem to have any
problem providing web services with this machine. However, I am having DNS
issues. The web server machine is behind a firewall running OpenBSD 3.2.

The firewall has three interfaces, and was originally configured to only
protect a web server that is part of one of my companies' domain (abcde.com,
for reference purposes). That has worked great for years. Public DNS for
abcde.com has been served from a firewall appliance at the corporate
headquarters, and I have tried to keep the services provided by the firewall
machine limited to network address translation and packet filtering.

The fun starts when I add the second web server (www.uvwxyz.com, et al., for
reference), which is on a different interface, and different internal
network from the original (www.abcde.com for reference). I have the outside
interface of the firewall dual-homed, so it is receiving packets for both IP
blocks (a.b.c.d/25 and w.x.y.z/29 respectively. I believe I have the IP
network addresses translated correctly, with appropriate ports re-directed,
and packets filtered.

The question I have is, what's the appropriate way to do DNS for uvwxyz.com,
and whatever other domains I may end up providing web and mail services for?

My first thought is to run named on the web server box (www.uvwxyz.com), but
I am having trouble getting the outside world to see that box as a DNS
Then, I thought I might serve DNS from the firewall box, but I'm reluctant
to have that box perform any other services for both security and
performance reasons, though I don't have any specific knowledge to support
my concerns. I need to maintain a high level of security, and I hope to have
lots of traffic (don't we all), so I want to maintain a high level of

Let me know if I've left out any important information, or need to clarify
anything. I've been working on this for a few days now, learning as I go,
and I've reached a point where I'm quite confused. I appreciate any help
anyone may offer.

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