lpd to lpd

lpd to lpd

Post by Wes Robbin » Wed, 27 Jan 1999 04:00:00

I am running redhat 5.0 on a dx-50 server I am using this system as a print
server for
both unix and NT systems.

My problem is.
I setup an OpenVMS 6.1 UCX LPD spool to send to the redhat server. The data
is sent to the printer and all but the Postscript or text scripts are
ignored and I always get ASCII out of the printer.

When I print lpd to lpd from linux to linux if I remove the auto scripts
from the from sender I get the same problem.  How do I get lpd to lpd
Scripts to run always on the server?


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I have many ICL Intel systems running SVR4 but the UNIX does not include an
LPD.  I have the plp/lpd 4.0.3 source but it appears to use it's own print
queue system.  Is there a way to setup plp/lpd to allow remote printing
along with the existing print queue?

Is there other lpd source out there?


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