Interesting kernel configuration question

Interesting kernel configuration question

Post by Robichaud, Jean-Philippe [BAN:6S33:EXCH » Sat, 19 Aug 2000 04:00:00

Hi everybody

        This message is posted in a lot of newsgroup because it touch a lot of
them.  Here is my problem :

        I have created a ramdisk so it can be a root partition (/dev/* /proc
and so on).  How can I tell the kernel to use the ramdisk as the root
partition ?  I've try to create a nod with both major and minor numbers
at 0 and do a rdev vmlinuz dummy, but it fails.  All I want is to get my
kernel booting diskless.  I send the kernel and the ramdisk via pxe and
everything works fine till the kernel try to mount its root partition.
Again,  how can I tell the kernel to use the ramdisk ?  (rdev vmlinuz
/dev/ram0 also failed).

        Thanks a lot for your help

        Jean-Philippe Robichaud

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