Help! Linux RH 5.0 DHCP on Cable Modem

Help! Linux RH 5.0 DHCP on Cable Modem

Post by Bob » Wed, 28 Jan 1998 04:00:00

>I got the How-to from Vladimir Vuksan and then I searched
>dejanews.  I tried everything that was recommended but it
>did not work!  [...]
>After about 30 seconds of watching the output from
>ifconfig ifconfig does not display any interfaces anymore.  Looking
>at the file /var/log/messages, there is a line at the end saying
>no DHCPOFFERS.  I tried to use the -r option to the
>dhcpcd command in desperation but it did not work.
>I noticed that no files were created in /etc/dhcp.

for dhcpcd to work, which the ISC package doesn't (as far as I know)
support. Fortunately, the addresses are "long term" dynamic, so we've been
told dhcp is not required.

Hope this helps!

- Bob


1. DHCP lookup using RH 5.0 and @home cable modem

Hi Everyone,

correctly with Linux Red Hat 5.0.

I am somewhat new to linux, and

I have a system with 2 ethernet interfaces. One is for the internal
network and the other is the interface for the cable modem.

When the cable modem was installed I had it installed on a Win95
box. The peculiar thing I noticed was that they changed both the
machine name and the workgroup name. Whan I asked them about this
thay said that is was because they use a DCHP server to get static
ip addresses, and that the DHCP server requires a host name to
complete the lookup.

If I configure the card for DHCP, then the activation of the interface
never completes. The version of DHCP the comes with redhat 5.0 is
0.65. While poking around on the net,  there seems to be a version 0.7
of DHCP which has a -h switch to specify a host.  The current dhcpcd
package on the redhat site is still at 0.65 though.

As another test I tried setting everything up as a static IP but I
cannot ping any IP except the one assigned to the interface.

Does anyone have some answers to the following questions:

Can this version 0.7 of dhcpcd source be retrieved, and compiled even

though if doesn't come from Redhat? Can I use the one from sunsite for
example? Is there anything special I need to do to the code to get it
to compile to be compatible with redhat?

Has anyone else had a sililar problem and if so, what did you do to
get around it?

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