Office Connect Lan Modem

Office Connect Lan Modem

Post by Pomero » Thu, 20 Aug 1998 04:00:00

Does anyone have an oclm running with Linux?  If so I am having problems
setting mine up.  Any help would be appreciated.
Dave Pomeroy

1. 3com Office Connect LAN Modem::trouble connecting

Are there others out there using a 3com Office Connect LAN ISDN modem.  I'm
using Redhat 7.3 on a Dell Inspiron ( not that it matters in this question
).  I just can't get the 'auto call' feature working.  In my Win2k desktop
there is this little tool called LanManager or something.  It is provided
by 3com.  It's a way of dialing manualy.  Telnetting to the damn thing
takes to long, and doesn't always work.  Nor does accessing the internal
webpage.  Is there a little script?  An application?
Any help is welcome..
Thanks in advanced
Rutger Claes

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