IBM 100/10 EtherJet PCI car driver for Linux?????

IBM 100/10 EtherJet PCI car driver for Linux?????

Post by Jerry Che » Tue, 09 Feb 1999 04:00:00

Hi Linuxer,

I have IBM 100/10 EtherJet PCI car, does Linux support it?

HW compatible HowTo maybe out of date?

Please help,

Thanks in advance!!!!!!!!



1. Drivers for an IBM 100/10 etherjet PCI NIC

Ive just installed linux for the first time on a brand spaking new
machine, everything went fine except for the network card installation
the card was in the machine during the installation, and was correctly
configure with all IP address Netmask etc. but now anytime i do a
Ifconfig -a  i only get the loop back parameters for "lo" if i do an
ifconfig -a eth0 it says there is no such interface.

could this be because there are no drivers for the NIC?? if this is the
case can someone point me out to where i can obtain them??


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