DHCP - 2.2.0 - RH5.2

DHCP - 2.2.0 - RH5.2

Post by Drew Dun » Fri, 29 Jan 1999 04:00:00

I've successfully compiled 2.2.0 on my system and upgraded my DHCP
client to dhcpcd 1.3.16 as noted in the MINI-HOWTO.  I made the
necessary changes in the command line to account for the new option
structure of the client, as described in the MINI-HOWTO.  Unfortunately,
I cannot get an IP address for my system.

I've verified in .config that CONFIG_PACKET=y is present.  I've also
verified that there is no stray copy of the old dhcpcd file around on
the system.

dhcpcd.log has the following entry:

Jan 26 21:58:33 adsl90 dhcpcd[561]: broadcasting DHCP_DISCOVER
Jan 26 21:58:34 adsl90 dhcpcd[561]: corrupted UDP msg with uh_ulen=321
in_cksum=-2 discarded
Jan 26 21:58:50 adsl90 last message repeated 4 times
Jan 26 21:59:33 adsl90 last message repeated 2 times
Jan 26 21:59:33 adsl90 dhcpcd[561]: timed out waiting for a valid DHCP
server response

When I reboot with kernel 2.0.36 and use the old DHCP client, things go
normally, I get my usual IP address and the system works like normal.

The computer in question is:

PII-300 with 96MB on a Tekram board with a VIA chipset
11.2GB IDE hard drive
Plextor 20x SCSI CD, HP 4020i SCSI CD-R
Iomega Jaz
Buslogic BT930
STB Velocity 128
3Com 3C509
Red Hat 5.2

The Netspeed ADSL bridge is connected to a Maxtech 8 port 10baseT hub,
along with two other Linux systems, an NT server and two '98 machines.

I also have the same problem at work using my Micron Transport XPE,
connecting to the corporate LAN.

I'm stumped, and I suspect that a lot of other people are, too.  I have
not heard of anyone who has had success connecting to any ADSL service
using DHCP...but if anybody has ANY suggestions, I'd really appreciate
it.  Please CC to my email address, if possible.


Drew Dunn

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