my fav commands w/several Qs: DHCP, driver install, certificates, etc.

my fav commands w/several Qs: DHCP, driver install, certificates, etc.

Post by J W Hone » Sat, 23 Jun 2001 22:32:20


dmesg | more
   - lots of good stuff to be read here to see what was (or wasn't) found at

dmesg | grep eth
   - quickly see if linux found the ethernet card(s)

   - tells you status of LAN ports

ifconfig eth0 up
   - if you didn't see the ports up, then you can manually bring them up
   - After this, type ifconfig again to see if eth0 is now running

ping hostname
ping x.x.x.x
   - use this command on your linux box to see if you can talk outwards
   - use it on other machines to ping to the machine 'under test'
   - if using a weendows box:
      Start -> run
      ping x.x.x.x (or hostname)

cat /proc/net/dev
- statistics for your Ethernet driver is to list the contents of the process
pseudo file system for network devices

rpm -Va
   - check all the installed packages for being intact and complete

netcfg - having problems running this - see below


I am running RedHat 7.0

I have two SMC 10BaseT ISA ethernet cards in two PCs that I am going to use
to build a firewall and toy around with.  It seems that sometimes the cards
are discovered during boot and sometimes not.  I have been playing around
with this same configuration on a couple of machines.

   - WIN-ME DHCP HOST:  Compaq Presario 5050;

   - LINUX CLIENT MACHINE:  Compaq Pres866;

   - Both the above have two SMC ISA NICs in them that use
      the 'ne' (NE2000) driver
   - The NICs in each PC are configured thus:
      - NOT Plug 'n Play
      - 0x240; IRQ 10
      - 0x300; IRQ 11

   - LINUX CLIENT MACHINE:  Compaq Contura 410CX notebook;

   - NIC:  3COM 874 PCMCIA (or something like that)

Q1 - FORCE CONFIG/DISCOVERY:  Sometimes it seems the cards are discovered
during boot, sometimes not.  What can I do to force them to consistently be
recognized and the driver installed?  I do have them setup in linuxconf.  I
have tried setting them up independently (with their own entry) but
linuxconf seems to parse the information back out such that most or all of
it winds up being merged into one card.  (e.g., separate entries of [0x240;
Int 10] and [0x300; Int 11] get merged into [0x240,0x300; Int 10,11])  I
have also made sure they are in /etc/modules.conf
When I try to ping out I get a:
   connect: network is unreachable
And of course, I can't ping to this machine.
I have tried configuring them in linuxconf to BOTH be DHCP as well as
'manually' assigning them IP addresses ( and with
no difference.

Q2 - START DHCP:  Even if I get the machine to finally recognize the NICs
and install the drivers, how do I kick the DHCP client in the pants and
'force' it to go to the DHCP Server and pick up some IP adresses?  Invoking
ifconfig (even with up/down cycles) does not do this.  I was running this
configuration with both of the Linux clients before when I only had ONE NIC
in them.

Q3 - TWEAK TIMEOUT OF LINUXCONF?:  When I run linuxconf on the slow (OK,
they're both dawgs) machine and play around with the TCP/IP addresses or
configurations of the cards and view the scripts to be run, here is what I
see (my numbers):
   1)  /etc/rc3.d/S16apmd start
   2)  /etc/rc3.d/S50xinetd restart
   3)  /etc/rc3.d/S85httpd start
All of these are links to executables (sans digits in the filenames) in the
../init.d directory.
The last two commands don't seem to run 'fast enough' and linuxconf asks me
if I want to Skip/Abort/Kill them.  Is there a parameter for linuxconf I can
tweak to give more time for script commands to run?  (see next question too)

Q4 - MISSING 'CERTIFICATE':  So, (see above), I run the three commands
manually outside of linuxconf and after some delays all but the last run OK.
The last command (S85httpd) seems to be the most problematic in that it says
I am missing a 'certificate':
'starting httpd: syntax error on line 1066 of /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf:
SSLCertificateFile: file '/etc/httpd/conf/sslcrt/server.crt' not exists
[sic] or empty.
The mentioned file is present on the P1 machine but not on the 386SX.  There
are admonitions about the importance of using a real or authentic
certificates so can somebody tell me how/where I can create/get one?
I am also seeing this message at boot when it tries to start httpd.

Q5 - CONFIGURE THEM DIFFERENTLY:  with linuxconf wanting to glomm all the
card info together, is there a way to use one of the cards in DHCP mode and
the other with a 'manual' address?

Q6 - NETCFG DISAPPEAR?:  I can only get netcfg to run on one machine and
that is in a shell inside GNOME.  One machine says it is not there, another
looks like it is trying to run it but fails.  All of them except the first,
are unhappy trying to run GNOME.

Q7 - CONNECTION AFFECT DRIVER INSTALL?:  Does actually having the NIC
connected to a LAN affect it being seen and the drivers installed?  I
haven't seen a difference but maybe I haven't 'gotten there' yet.

Q8 - HOW DOES WEENDOWS DO IT? (sorry):  Does anybody know if (or how) to use
hostnames in a network served by my Weendows ME box?  i.e., what are the
hostnames and client names in a Windows network?