USB + Ethernet firewall

USB + Ethernet firewall

Post by 7 » Thu, 07 Oct 2004 03:27:45

A friend has been given USB modem Speedlink 330
and adsl connection. Now want to add more pcs.

I wondered if there was some way of fitting ethernet
card on to a cheap PC and using it as a firewall router.
Ethernet nic is green, usb modem is the red.

I've used IPCop before.


1. Ethernet to USB gateway? (not USB to Ethernet)

Hello Readers,

There are many Ethernet adapters for the USB on the marktet. But I am
looking for an Ethernet to USB gateway - I haven`t found one yet.

I have an embedded PC with ethernet (10 MBit/s) and want to connect USB
devices to it. Is there any solution?

I know, that there are printer servers with USB available now, but could
they be used to connect other USB devices, too?

Maybe somebody can help...


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