Need to assign IP addresses dynamicly on Ethernet !!!

Need to assign IP addresses dynamicly on Ethernet !!!

Post by Boyan Biando » Mon, 02 Oct 1995 04:00:00

I have a Linux box that is also my gateway and bunch of PCs attached to
the local ethernet using packet ODI drivers/winsock and they will mostly  
use netscape. I need to assign IP addresses for those PCs dynamicly !
Bootpd does similar job but it CANNOT assign dynamic IPs.
What program should I use??



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I am setting up a Satellite link which joins into a class 'c' subnet. The
situation is that I have two subnets on the same physical network. I need a
FreeBSD server to serve requests on both subnets.

Does anyone have any experience or advice in how to do this properly?

I have tried a variety of methods with mixed success.

Any help is very much welcomed.

Russ Eden.

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