MSN Messenger VOICE through IPChains/IPMasqadm Firewall

MSN Messenger VOICE through IPChains/IPMasqadm Firewall

Post by Michael Mowbra » Tue, 06 Feb 2001 09:48:55

Can anyone point me to some info on how to get MSN Messsenger Voice working
between two networks protected by Linux powered firewalls?
The machines behind the firewalls are Win2K and we are able to communicate
successfully by typed message.  We know UDP port 6901 is involved and have
opened that port on both firewalls and portfw it to the destination machines
using ipmasqadm but still no success.


Michael Mowbray
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1. msn messenger file/voice thru socks5 dante

I'm struggling with the infamous msn file/voice and iptables problem.

With some research I found out it couldn't be done with NAT.
But It could be done with a socks5 server. So I downloaded dante, it's
a free socks5 server. I followed the instruction, I've read the faq
and documentation, I even subscribed to the mailinglist.

All I want to do is share the internet connection with the rest of the
So my sisters could send files with msn and maybe even use the speech

This is my /etc/socksd.conf

## general configuration

internal: fxp1 port = 1080
external: fxp2
method: username none
#user.privileged: root
user.notprivileged: sockd
logoutput: stderr

## client access rules

client pass {
        from: to:
        log: connect disconnect

## server operation access rules

#allow bind to ports greater than 1023
pass {
        from: to: port gt 1023
        command: bind
        log: connect disconnect

#allow outgoing connections (tcp and udp)
pass {
        from: to:
        command: connect udpassociate
        log: connect disconnect

#allow replies to bind, and incoming udp packets
pass {
       from: to:
       command: bindreply udpreply
       log: connect error

#log the rest
block {
       from: to:
       log: connect error

fxp1 is the internal network card.
fxp2 is my eth2 card to the isp

to sockify the system i need to do the following:
 In Linux you can easily do the following:

   edit the file /etc/
   and add two lines saying:

But mandrake nor redhat has the / file.

Can somebody help me out please?
Maybe even better, can somebody point me to a how-to?

thanx in advance

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