HELP!! Root account gone?

HELP!! Root account gone?

Post by gemelbur » Sat, 27 Feb 1999 04:00:00

Hi there. This morning we were adding lot's of user accounts as we are
going to use Linux as a mail server. While my colleague was in the
proces of adding al these users in the group popusers, he pressed okay
with the last account, typed in the password two times and got a message
stating something like

root account does not exist

He does not know if he did anything wrong. Anyhow. I took a look and
sure enough, root had dissapeared as had ALL the groups. The users were
still there though. So i tried to make a new root account but to no
avail: it already exists says Linuxconf. So i logged in again with the
root account and had no problem doing that. So apparently on some level
the root account does exist but Linuxconf does not see it. How can this
be and where can I find the groups that are lost????

thanks in advance
Peter Baars


1. /etc/account (was: Re: locked my root !)

: : [...]
: : This also shows why you can't lock someone's account just by changing their
: : shell to /bin/false or just a NULL field
Maybe this is a stupid question, but I do not understand this:
If the user cannot log in because he has an invalid shell, he
is unable to change that.
I followed the thread but I wonder what does the statement 'this shows'
actually mean?

 Friedemann Buergel

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