Automated Dialup to ISP and Rotating ISP Accounts

Automated Dialup to ISP and Rotating ISP Accounts

Post by Darren Macka » Sat, 23 May 1998 04:00:00


I have set up a redhat v5.0 box using NAT at home for the usual reasons.
Everything is running perfectly, but only 1 account.

Our household has 4 accounts, 1 x 25 hours and 3 x 8 hours (in the previous
seven days). At the moment, when the 25hr hour account is used up, I have to
telnet or ftp to the linux box and change the dial-in script to the next

I was wanting to know if anyone has created a script that does at least some
of the following:

1. When dialing, choose the account with the most hours based on the usage
in the previous seven days.

2. Be able to cycle around a group of phone numbers if one is busy
(unfortunately, the uni has several sets of phone numbers)

3. Allow for 1 phone number to connect using PAP instead of a shell script
to start PPP (haven't got this one to work yet at all)

4. When a connection is cut by the terminal server, to automatically redial,
but using another account (we get kicked for a period of time before being
allowed to re-connecting using that account.

I know this may sound a bit elaborate, but if at least part of my
requirement have already be coded, I can modify this to suit my needs.

Would be interested to know how useful this type of script would be. If I
have to write it, and if there is a reasonable amount of interest, I would
be happy to post it to a web site (geocities, or somewhere, preferably a
linux site).

If I end up writing this, can anyone suggest a scripting language? Several
people have already suggested to use a standard shell script, but I don't
know if that would be able to hand all of the logic I require. Does anyone
know if PERL could handle something like this? Please let me know




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Hi folks...

I just got back from the Atlanta, Goergia Networld+Interop show and obtained
a Red Hat v5.1 CD from the folks at thier booth.  I have heard tons of good
stuff about it, but in all honesty, don't have hardly any unix (of any

consoles...  but purely in a playing mode, and not really having a clue as
to what I was doing....)

Anyway...   I have this thing installed on my PC, and have managed to use
the "minicom" term emulator to dial out to local bbs's and whatnot.  I have
done it from both the console, and from within an X window session.  I'd
like to be able to setup a "dialup networking" (sorry for the MS'ish sound
there...  I dunno how else to put it) cfg so that I could connect to my ISP.

Point blank:  How do I do this?  {shrug shoulders}

Thanks in advance folks...


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