Compex 8-port micro hub

1. Problems with Etherexpress (2.1.5) and SMC (2.2.7) on same Compex hub

Hi all,
I've had some problems with an Intel Etherexpress card(BNC)  on a v. 2.1.5
machine and an SMC(UTP) Etherpower PCI (8432T) running on a v. 2.2.7 machine
coexisting on the same Compex hub.

What seems to happen is that the card driver won't load and sits there
forever on the machine with the  Etherexpress, while the SMC loads right up
and shows Bad CRC errors coming from the 2.1.5 machine.  The Etherexpress
works just fine by itself on thin coax only.

I have a D-Link DE-200TP which I'm considering using on the 2.1.5 machine as
it looks to be on the approved NIC  list.  Any suggestions as to what's
worked for you ?  Thanks.

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