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I can't do 'ping' to a router IBM 2210 from my Linux mandrake 7.0 (kernel
The router receive the packet et send a response with the encapsulation
snap, and my linux don't trap this packet.

what is the solution ?

thank you..


1. problems with may snap, and previous snap versions

 Ok, I got a p100, 32 mb ram, Intel Ethernet Express Pro 100b card,
and a quantum 1.08gb ide hd. I am running into a commonly occuring
problem that is bugging me. Every so often I am getting "too many
files open in system" warnings from the kernal,and "file table full"
as well. I really don't have a clue where to start, and neither do a
couple of other people  who are running freebsd. Anyhow, I was having
the same problem back in May, and back then it was suggested to
upgrade to the latest snap, which at the time was the May snap issue.
So all went well, I reinstalled, and didn't get those warnings for
about 3 weeks, then they gradually popped up here and there. Now I
can't through the day without getting one or 2 sessions of this
insanity. When it occurs, the hd goes all batty for about 2 to 5
minutes, and I can't do a ps, or a ls on the /proc mount. Could
someone please explain why this could be occuring, and what the hecks
is going on. Its starting to worry me, especially if I have to
reinstall once a month in order to solve the problem, which as you can
imagine is quite in convienient.
One side track note.  I have a stealth64 2001 series vid card with 2mb
ram (dram), and can't seem to locate the driver to use for xfree86
anywhere. I can use the generic vga (which I am now), but well to be
honest, its dam ugly. Would be nice to get this toy up to snuff :)

Phil Holmstrom

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