Can't get AUTO_PPP going on Red Hat 5.0

Can't get AUTO_PPP going on Red Hat 5.0

Post by Scott Dudl » Fri, 03 Apr 1998 04:00:00

HELP!  I've setup linux PPP servers before (on Slackware) using mgetty
and pppd.  I just installed Red Hat 5.0 and am attempting the same.
Modems are configured, /etc/mgetty/config files are set, inittab
entries made, etc.  I compare all settings to an existing, working
system with modification required only for RH's different file
locations.  It doesn't work.  I've attached copy of the mgetty log.
It's apparently seeing the LCP request, but failing to match my
/AutoPPP/ entry in login.config.

Any assistance is very much appreciated.

04/02 14:26:34 1a1   print welcome banner (/etc/issue)
04/02 14:26:34 1a1   getlogname (AUTO_PPP), read:+++[0d]
04/02 14:26:40 1a1   input finished with '\r', setting ICRNL ONLCR
04/02 14:26:40 1a1   tio_get_rs232_lines: status: RTS CTS DSR DTR DCD
04/02 14:26:40 1a1    login: use login config file
04/02 14:26:40 1a1   match: user='+++', key='/AutoPPP/'
04/02 14:26:40 1a1   login: fall back to /bin/login
04/02 14:26:40 1a1   calling login: cmd='/bin/login', argv[]='login
04/02 14:26:40 ##### data dev=ttyQ1a1, pid=942, caller=none,
conn='38400', name=
'', cmd='/bin/login', user='+++'

04/02 14:26:40 1a1   setenv: 'CALLER_ID=none'
04/02 14:26:40 1a1   setenv: 'CONNECT=38400'

Here's this line from my login.config:

/AutoPPP/ -     a_ppp   /usr/sbin/pppd auth -chap +pap login



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