NFS root mounting doesn't work with kernels.

NFS root mounting doesn't work with kernels.

Post by David Masle » Sun, 12 Jul 1998 04:00:00

I posted to the linux-kernel list about this, but nobody seemed able
to help. I use a couple of diskless linux boxes, nfsroot mounted off
my network. They use bootp, and the boot disks are just dd image to

Anyway the 2.0.34 kernels work fine. The 2.1.108 kernels keep timing
out. Lockd complains and there is an error message about timeout local
portmapper. Eventually it will boot (after about 20mins) but will
lock up soon afterwards.

It's a shame because nfs seem faster and more stable in
My solution is too stick with the 2.0 kernels, but I would have
thought this might be worth a bug report if someone is interested?

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Has Anybody have this experience?

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