Help: IP Alias and port forwarding

Help: IP Alias and port forwarding

Post by Joe Re » Thu, 11 May 2000 04:00:00

I need to put a few webs servers behind a linux box acting as a firewall
and doing masquerading for the private network behind it.  I am using port
forwarding to move web traffic to the single internal web server
currently. But this will be changing to include additional web servers on
different addresses on the private network.

Does anyone know if IP aliasing will work so I can selectivly forward to
each of the additional web servers?  For that matter will ipchains and
to the aliased ports?  Has anyone tried this?



1. IP forwarding is only good for port forwarding of only one IP ?

I have two IP from my provider ( or two web address) and only one isdn line.
With linux and only one IP, I can masquerade all my local network to use
only that one IP.
Perfect up to now.

Then I want to forward the other IP to a NT server inside my local network.
(like 2 company on the same network).

ipfwadm 2.30 with linux 2.0.36 can not do that, because nobody know how to
do it (I read a lot of HowTo).
or may be it's not possible with ipfwadm. All people think that nobody want

is-it true ?

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