FTP proxy on Suse box running firewals ...

FTP proxy on Suse box running firewals ...

Post by Anura » Thu, 22 Jun 2000 04:00:00

Hi all,

I have a Redhat 6.2 intranet server/router which masquerades my
192.168.1.x network as to my SuSe 6.4 firewall/ISDN TA
gateway.On the Redhat I just have a simple MASQ rule in my forward

I use firewals on my suSE box to setup masquerading and packet
filtering.FW_ALLOW_ICOMING_HIGHPORTS_TCP is set to'yes' (in firewals
config) ip_masq_ftp is loaded on both the Linux machines .

The Setup works great for everything *except* FTP uploads ( to my
Hosting Company )..I can't uploadto my site either from the Win98s or
the Linux boxes. I have tried both the Active & PASV modes.To make
sure that firewals wasn't the problem, i disabled it and added just
the MASQ rule to the forward cahin, but couldn't get FTP to work.

Is their a patch for ip_masq_ftp available ? Alternatively , can i use
socks or some other proxy on my SuSe box ( together with firewals ) ,,
*just* for FTP ?

While going through the Support database , I came across some setting
called AllowMagicUser .. which proxy server does this refer to ?

PS I am desperate !


Anurag ...


1. suse proxy-suite (ftp-proxy)


seit mehreren Tagen versuche ich, den ftp-proxy in Betrieb zu nehmen.
Bei der Suche nach Infos habe ich festgestellt, dass viele Leute
Probleme der unterschiedlichsten Art mit diesem Programm haben. Daher
suche ich auf diesem Wege Leute, die den ftp-proxy zum Einen mit Plan
in Betrieb setzen wollen und zum Anderen beim Schreiben eines
vernnftigen Howto's ihr Wissen beisteuern m?chten.

Danke im Voraus. Ich freue mich ber jede Antwort.

Gruss Frank Nerstheimer

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