ppp dial-up server

ppp dial-up server

Post by Samir Hadzajli » Sun, 24 Mar 1996 04:00:00

Is anyone able to tell me how to setup Linux 1.2.13 like PPP dial-up
server.I tried putting in /etc/passwd  diplogin and /etc/diphosts have
corect setings but does not work



1. Linux as dial-up ppp server for Win95 dial-up problem

My Linux box is currently a server for dial-up ppp accounts.  However,
users of Win95 must either use a dial-up script or use a terminal
window to login.

They can't just use Win95's Network login window.  Why is that?  I guess
that is has to do with PAP.  Is there a way for me to fix this from the Linux
side so they don't have to use a dial-up script or a terminal window?


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