Information anyone?

Information anyone?

Post by Jimmy Band » Sun, 28 Feb 1999 04:00:00

Can anyone suggest any good sites dealing with networking a Win95/98 machine
to a Linux one. I have sought this information in the HOWTO's and the
mini-HOWTO's but while I got close, the info didn't quite work for me. and didn't help too much either.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.



1. System Information Script -- anyone wrote/know of one?

I'm trying to find a script that will go out and collect system
information such as hardware, serial numbers, disk layout, network
configuration, etc. and is able to bundle the information nicely into
a readable format I can use in the future if I have to restore the
system and need information.

 - Doug Hanks = dhanks(at)gnu(dot)org

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