Q: connecting Mac and LINUX-PC

Q: connecting Mac and LINUX-PC

Post by Christian Tot » Mon, 12 May 1997 04:00:00

I would like to connect my Mac Powerbook DUO with only one (there is even
no floppy or so ...) printer(serial)/apple-talk port to my PC, any
suggstions how to do this?
Especially I would like to acces each file systems, both use SCSI disks...
and the CD-ROM drive is in the PC...

does anybody know somethig about apple.talk over serial line on a PC under
BTW Apple uses an own filesystem called HFS


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1. Q:Connecting Mac Powerbook and LINUX-PC

Hi all there,
I am planning to connect a Macintosh PowerBook Duo 230 with only one
serial(printer)/appletalk port to my PC.
Q: 1. Is there some way to do this and access each filesytems (Mac = HFS)?
   2. Does LINUX support Apple-Talk over serial line?
   3. I there any chance to mount the powerbook disk?

Because of the compact design of the powerbook there is only the one
shared port and nothing like ethernet or so, in my PC there is a Novell
I am not a LINUX expert (... but I hope to improve ;-) ) - much more a newbie!

If you have any experience connecting Mac and PC please report.

Thanks a lot...


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