NFS misc problems

NFS misc problems

Post by david buckl » Fri, 03 Feb 1995 17:24:51


I have been reading posts on the net RE: NFS for a while now and can't
seem to find anyone who mentions the problems I am having.
At work I have a linux box which is NFS serving a mangled network of
PCs, which authenticate using Sun's pcnfs, and of Macs which are
connected via localtalk to a localtalk/ethernet gateway of sorts: gatorbox.
We also have a odd-ball unix server from intergraph which is also
NFS serving and works flawlessly though runs kindof slow.
- Anyhow, the first problem I am running into is that when a user
authenticates with pcnfsd the files s/he will create have the
appropriate ownerships but when s/he creates a directory there seems
to be no way to allow group access to this directory.  And this
occurs independently of any configuration parameters on the server
or the pcnfs client... directories are allways drwx------ which means
only the owner has access... annoying...
- I am not sure what the situation regarding caching of NFS requests is.
If I attempt to run certain programs say Microsloth's Access on the server
(only the linux server that is) the program will inevitably make a big
fuss over opening a file on the remote fs.  It may have to do with file
locking I am not sure.
- The appletalk/localtalk-ethernet tcp gateway (gatorbox) we have refuses
to recognize the linux box as a NFS server, though it has no problem
with our other server.
- nfsd -d for debug doesn't seem to do anything... it would be helpful
to know if and what is going wrong...

Since I am quite desperate at this point I would even dive into hacking
the NFS server code myself if I though I could get something out of it.
So if there is any sort of NFS-hackers guide or such I would greately
appreciate it.


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1. nis, nfs, autofs: auto.master, auto.misc, auto.home help please

I have nfs, nis working correctly.  I know this because I can mount my
server /home directory from the client, and also from the client, I can
access the passwd and group files from my nis server.  All this is fairly
easy to set up.  The problem I cannot resolve at this time is being able
to login to my server's home directories from the client machine.  It
logs into the / directory instead.  Here is what I know:

There are various packages like autofs and amd to take care of what I
want to do.  I am trying to do this with autofs.  My setup (yes I posted
several days ago, but the NIS HOWTO doesn't help me with this) is a
Debian server, with a Redhat 7.2 and Solaris 8 client.  I have read many
posts about these files:


and various other files.  I also have read the AutoFS HOWTO at:

While it contains examples for autofs, I do not understand them fully,
otherwise, I would not be writing this now.  My questions are:

If /etc/auto.master contains (according to the auto.master manpage:

/home     /etc/auto.home

does the auto.master file reside on the client, server or both?  Also, is
the /home in this referring to the server's /home which I want to mount
on the clients /mnt/home?

I also am not sure what /etc/auto.misc is for, and where it lives, along
with /etc/auto.home.  My server's home directories are on my /home
partition and I can see them from my client machines on /mnt/home.
However, I can not figure out how to use autofs to take care of mounting
them when a user logs in.  The user must cd /mnt/home, and this is what I
want to automate.  I am sorry if my questions annoy anyone.  I want to
learn, and once I learn, I can also help other people.  Thank you.

Bob Gamble

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