copying some directory tree to local HD with ftp

copying some directory tree to local HD with ftp

Post by shin, dong sh » Fri, 15 Jan 1999 04:00:00


I want to copy all about 500Mbyte contents from some ftp site to my
local hard disk. That will be something like private mirroring.

I am going to build some script, which connect to ftp server and get
each file.  The script works with cron demon and automatically start
and download files written in hoping-files list.

Anybody knows how?

Thanks in advance...
shin, dong shik



1. Copying directory trees preserving mod. dates


For years I used tar when I needed to copy whole directory structures
(including complete filesystems), using something like:

tar -cf- . | ( cd /new_location ; tar -xf- )  or with a variation of
adding the d and p flags, to ensure that permissions/ownerships and dates
are preserved (although it's the default anyway). As far as I remember
that worked fine, and the new tree would have the original attributes
and dates, including for directories. It seems to me that this is not
so at 4.3.2, and the directories get new dates.

Any solution ? I have tried: pax, cpio (here the man page explicitely says
the the dates are kept except for directories..).

When it come to whole filesystems, I have also tried to use cplv to
copy the logical volume, but then I end up with an empty fs, so I must
be doing something wrong (in other words - how do I use cplv to copy
complete logical volumes including the filesystems within then and the
data ?).

WHat seems to work, but is obviously limited to complete filesystems/lv-s
(so is cplv, of course), is to create a target filesystems, have both
the original and new fs umounted, and then to:

 dd if=/dev/src_lv of=/dev/new_lv bs=something_large_enough

I'd appreciate your comments.


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