Linux as Eth/TR IPX-Router

Linux as Eth/TR IPX-Router

Post by Jens Wiessne » Wed, 28 Jul 1999 04:00:00


I try to install a Linux-machine as a IP and IPX-Router for a mixed
Ethernet and TokenRing network. The IP-Routing works fine, but the IPX
Routing didn't work. I've configured both cards for IPX and started
ipxd. After a few seconds I can see the found IPX-Networks under
/proc/net/ipx_route and I can mount a Novell-Volume from my Linux
machine, but when I try to access the Novell-Server from a machine
connect via Ethernet it didn't see any Novell Servers.

Is there anyone who has allready succesfully configured a IPX-Router for
Routing from Ethernet to TokenRing?

Jens Wiessner