RMON Snmpd ?

RMON Snmpd ?

Post by Frank Pos » Mon, 20 Oct 1997 04:00:00


wie kriegt man cmu-snmpd dazu RMON Anfragen zu akzepteren ?
Oder gibt es einen RMON faehigen snmpd ?

Danke, Frank



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I help out a local hish school, which just moved their servers up to
100Mbs with 3com switchs, however to save money they did not buy any
monitoring software.  So the questions are:

How do I configure the 3com switch to allow snmp monitoring?

Is there a usable RMON or SNMP package out there that could monitor the
traffic off of the switch.

I have setup tkined, MRTG ect, though I'm not sure what would work with a
3Com switch.  Anyone have experence with this?

Thank you.

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