NEED rpc.bootparamd for Xkernel on Sun!

NEED rpc.bootparamd for Xkernel on Sun!

Post by To » Sun, 23 Apr 1995 04:00:00

        I want to  boot a  sun  3/60 off my linux box, so I downloaded
the  xkernel package, and  I got  everything  to compile  *EXCEPT* for
rpc.bootparamd,  and I'm really annoyed by it.  I've tried every which
way to  get it to go, but I can't get it to compile.  Can someone give
me a *big* help  and uuencode and  mail their copy  of rpc.bootparamd?
I'd really really appreciate it!
Tom Kunz


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I am trying to use the Xkernel package for linux. The *.tar.gz file is:

-rw-r--r--   1 jweaver  users     1231579 May 11 10:09 Linux-Xkernel-2.0a.tar.gz

I get errors when I try to compile the rpc.bootparamd. here they are:

zorgon:~/xkern/export/src/bootparamd> make clean
rm -f *.o rpc.bootparamd callbootd a.out bootparam_prot_* bootparam_prot.h *~ #*

zorgon:~/xkern/export/src/bootparamd> make
rpcgen -h -o bootparam_prot.h bootparam_prot.x
rpcgen -m -o bootparam_prot_svc.c bootparam_prot.x
cc    -c bootparam_prot_svc.c -o bootparam_prot_svc.o
rpcgen -c -o bootparam_prot_xdr.c bootparam_prot.x
cc    -c bootparam_prot_xdr.c -o bootparam_prot_xdr.o
cc    -c rpc.bootparamd.c -o rpc.bootparamd.o
rpc.bootparamd.c: In function `bootparamproc_whoami_1':
rpc.bootparamd.c:26: number of arguments doesn't match prototype
bootparam_prot.h:152: prototype declaration
rpc.bootparamd.c: In function `bootparamproc_getfile_1':
rpc.bootparamd.c:89: number of arguments doesn't match prototype
bootparam_prot.h:155: prototype declaration
make: *** [rpc.bootparamd.o] Error 1

I am running a.out 1.2.3 and the name of this machine is zorgon (ie. not part of
the compiling proccess). Thanks


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