seeking recommendations for a multiport serial card

seeking recommendations for a multiport serial card

Post by Jeff Lesse » Thu, 04 Dec 1997 04:00:00

I am soliciting comments on the purchase of a multiport serial card to
be used under Linux.  In the near future I intend to migrate my modem
pool from an old Xyplex terminal server to a Linux box.  Currently I
have 8 modems, so an 8 port adapter would be adequate, but in the
future I might want to expand, so I want to be able to have multiple
cards in the same machine.

The computer I have set aside for this is a 100mhz pentium with 32meg.
I hope that will be adequate to run 8 or more PPP, SLIP, and telnet
connections at 115kbps.  The computer will not have interactive
logins, it will just be working as a terminal server.

In the interest of stability, I want to limit myself to cards which
have stable drivers in the 2.0.32 kernel.  This seems to be:
Digiboard PC/Xx
Stallion EasyIO, EC8/64
Specialix IO8+

I would like to spend around $600.  Currently I use RJ45 to connect my
modems, so that would be fine, but I have no objections to an octopus
cable.  I have no preference for ISA or PCI, as long as the board can
support the 8 connections at 115kbps.

Any recommendations?  Any suggestions on where to buy such a card once
I select one?  Any advice would be appreciated.

Jeff Lessem.


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I am planning to install a multiport serial card into an IBM 486/33
running Linux to support multiple modems for my dial in telecommuters.

My local electronics 7-11 store sells both Boca multiport cards (I have
good experience with other Boca stuff) and Longshine multiport cards
(eeee-yukkk, nightmares with one of their nic's). Meanwhile an
acquaintance recommended Cyclades cards.

Any other possibilities?  What are the most bullet-proof once installed?
What are the easiest to install?


Rob Embry
EMC Test Systems, LP
Austin, TX

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