rlogin/rsh/rcp slow between linux machines on multi platform network

rlogin/rsh/rcp slow between linux machines on multi platform network

Post by EK » Fri, 02 May 2003 02:42:29

Hi there,

I have been struggling with a problem we've had for quite some time
here.  Our network (carefully firewalled - no lectures please!)
consists of about 15 linux machines running various versions of RedHat
from 6.1 to 9.0, as well as an SGI IRIX64, an HPUX, and a couple
windows machines.  My problem is that rlogin and rcp between the linux
machines is very slow.  When I try to rlogin, there is between a 10
and 20 second delay before I see the 'Last login:' message, then it
quickly completes the connection.  I don't see any delays when using
ftp, telnet, ssh, or nfs.  Further, rlogin and rcp do not delay when I
am connecting from a linux machine to the HP or SGI machine or vice

More information you may find useful:

Most of my NICs are Linksys 100tx cards, with a few Intel EthernetPro
100s and 3COM 3c905Bs, although I don't think it makes a difference

I don't use the RedHat kernels, I compile my own, and the machines
have kernels 2.4.17 - 2.4.20.

I don't have a local DNS server running, and all the hostnames on my
network appear in /etc/hosts and ~/.rhosts.  I don't think its a DNS
problem anyhow since telnet and ftp work great.

Not sure what else is relevant.  

Any ideas?



1. Why don't rsh/rlogin/rcp ever timeout?

The subject line says it all.

I have just learned (much to my surprize) that the rsh, rlogin, and rcp
commands will _never_ timeout (unlike ping for example, which _does_
timeout after a reasonably period of time).  These r* commands can
hang indefinitely, perhaps waiting for a host to come back up that
has been permanently removed from the net.

Are there versions of these utilities available which _do_ timeout?


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