Weird NEW Error message (dip)

Weird NEW Error message (dip)

Post by Martia » Mon, 25 Dec 1995 04:00:00

I have not changed anything in my configuration (which has been working
fine for about 6 mo) Suddenly this morning, I get this strange error
message when running a perl script (which has worked for about a year) that
fires up the slip connection, and retrieves binaries from usenet newsgroups.

Here is the error message(s)

DIP: Dialup IP Protocol Driver version 3.3.7n-uri (17 Apr 95)
Written by Fred N. van Kempen, MicroWalt Corporation.

DIP: process 431 killed.
martian:~# Dec 24 11:37:21 martian dip[431]: ip_acct failed!!
Dec 24 11:37:26 martian dip[431]: DIP: tty: set_state: I/O error
Dec 24 11:37:26 martian dip[431]: DIP: tty: hangup(RAISE): I/O error

I haven't changed anything, and last night all was fine.



1. Weird dip error tty messages

This his happening intermittently. I dial up with dip and the
dip session just drops with the following error messages
There seems no pattern. Sometimes I can do long sessions with
no problem (I've run Mosaic over it for as long as an hour).

Can't figure out what the conditions are that set this off except
perhaps logs of data transfer at one time. Last time it
happened to me was when I was doing FTP to, from my
machine via SLIP and through my internet provider. I was doing a long
directory listing at the time. I've also found a WWW site
which transfers about 40K of data and will bring it down every time.

Any clue on how to track down the following errors from DIP??

DIP: tty: set_disc(0): I/O error
DIP: tty: set_state: I/O error
DIP: tty: restore: I/O error

Is it something to do with disk access??? Sure looks that way?
Or could this be something from the serial drivers??

I have no idea how to track this down so any clues would be most welcome.

Thanks in advance.



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