Port-based traffic shaping using iproute2

Port-based traffic shaping using iproute2

Post by Paulo Ja » Fri, 26 Jan 2001 10:59:33

Hi all:

        I'm trying to add traffic shaping to one of my machines, in
order to limit the bandwidth usage of outgoing SMTP connections, and I
was wondering: does the u32 classifier used by the "tc" app support
filtering by source/destination port? (I think so, but all the
examples that I've seen used only filtering by IP address). If so,
which syntax would be the correct one?

        tc filter add dev eth0 parent 10:0 protocol ip prio 100 u32
match ip dst flowid 10:100

        Or perhaps:

        tc filter add dev eth0 parent 10:0 protocol tcp prio 100 u32
match tcp dst 25 flowid 10:100

        (Or would any of them work?)



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Hi, all...
I'm working on a router which has to add a certain rate to certain
ip-adresses and adress-classes.
I mark the incoming packets based on their source-adress with values up to
255. And finally i set certain rules with the tc commands to assign this
adresses the rate...
The problem is, that the adresses get a lower or higher rate than assigned.
Does someone know any good tutorials or documentations about this topic?
Or does someone know how to cope with this prob.?

thx in advance for your help

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