Linux mail server with MS-Mail/Exchange

Linux mail server with MS-Mail/Exchange

Post by Jim Holba » Sun, 15 Dec 1996 04:00:00

  We have MS-Mail server on a Netware 3.12 box with Win 3.1 MS-Mail and
Win95 Exchange/Message Service (they changed the name mid-stream...)
clients and are looking at how to lash this up with a Linux box acting as
firewall/mail-server connected via frame relay to an ISP. We're also
looking at adding an NT box with Back Office, including Exchange Server.

  Anyone have any experience with any of this who would like to share
their experience and knowledge? I would also greatly appreciate any
pointers to relevant reference materials, especially of a tutorial nature.


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We have two servers in house.

NT 4 SP3.      Sco Unix Open Server 5.

I have exchange configured so users on PC's can exchane mail using the
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1.) Is it possible for people using Unix mail to send mai lto PC users and
vice versa.

2.) Where do I start

Any help would be appreciated.


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