Can ping outside but no telnet or ftp!

Can ping outside but no telnet or ftp!

Post by Scott W. Petersen - N9S » Fri, 02 Oct 1998 04:00:00

Running slackware 3.3 with kernel 2.0.34

I can ping from the console but I can not telnet there or ftp
with out a reboot.

The other pc's on my network masquerade thru the linux and they can
ftp, telnet, www, email or anything for that matter.

I thought my problem was with named but I double checked everything as
I said I can ping a domain and get a return IP, nslookup works fine

I can't even telnet or ftp to my self.  The pc's can telnet, ftp and
www to the linux.

Please help!

Scott W. Petersen - N9SLA
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Elgin, IL - USA
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1. Linux freezes with outside ftp/telnet/ping access.

This is the story.  I have installed slackware 1.1.59 on a 386/25 with 4 megs
of ram.  A swap drive of 8 megs has been setup and linux is running on 240
megs of the hard drive.  I am connected to Novell server utilizing tcp/ip and
an ne2000 ethernet card.  I know that there is not a problem with the netork
or the card as I installed minilinux on this very machine and it worked the
very best.  (I needed more facilities so I installed a full version)

Telnet and ftp to localhost works like a charm.  But when I ping, ftp or
telnet from another machine, specifially my SUN sparc 20 on my desk, it
completely freezes the linux server, and I mean completely.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

Patrick McCarthy
Systems Developer
Research and Productivity Council
Fredericton, NB

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