cannot download newsgroup list from a nntp server

cannot download newsgroup list from a nntp server

Post by Tetsuji Ra » Sun, 23 Jul 2000 04:00:00

Hi all,
  Title says it all.  In short, "LIST" command of nntp protocol doesn't work
on Linux, while it works on Win98.
   The trouble is somewhat weird.  Newsgroup list cannot be downloaded by
netscape or trn or any other news reader programs.  Exactly, downloading
stops halfway.  I tried "telnet nntp server)
119(port # for nntp)" and send "LIST" command, but I got the same result.
The newsgroup list stops halfway.   However, if I choose a specific
newsgroup on trn (say, "g alt.os.linux"), I can download and read that
newsgroup.   And interestingly, this problem does NOT happen on Windows98.
   And it happens also on other nntp servers also.   I don't have any other
problems on the Internet (telnet, pop3, http, ftp, smtp, etc. work fine).

  So I suspect this problem should have something to do with Linux itself.
I use RH6.1 (English version) and the kernel is 2.2.13.

   I would appreciate any help I can get...

Thanks in advance.