Switch Duplex Mode for SMC8432 (DC2101 based Card) Tulip Driver

Switch Duplex Mode for SMC8432 (DC2101 based Card) Tulip Driver

Post by Robert Cov » Sun, 28 Feb 1999 04:00:00

Red Hat 5.2

Have checked Faq's, Newsgroups, Books, to find how I can switch my
SMC8432 PCI nic card to half duplex. Need to do this to work with my
cable modem to get to DHCP server at ISP. I grovel in front of the
Linux gods who can help.  Will someone help this wizards apprentice.
All other functions/hardware/real estate given over to Linux.  


1. How to prevent a tulip driver switch to half duplex?

I have a problem  with my network. When I shutdown the client machine,
mounts a nfs drive, the server  switches my card to half duplex. Then I
to restart my network again, to get any contact between the computers.
there a way to force the tulip driver to run only in full duplex mode?
I run Mandrake 7.0 on both machines, and the problem doesn't occur in
Mandrake 6.1




Nikodemus Karlsson,
Teacher in mathematics and science


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